Trading Company

Gulf planet groups Trading division specializes in supplying of Industrial items from various manufacturers and brands all over the world. We are the epitome of many well-known international manufacturers and suppliers of industrial materials such as Juton Paints, Eyevex Safety Items, SGN Abrasives, PMS Safety Harness & Slingsetes, We offer a complete procurement and supply services for a wide range of industrial materials such as Pipe Fittings, Valves, Hoses, Paints, Abrasives, Tools, Safety Items, Welding Products, Building Materials and etc... We also aims in exceeding customer's satisfaction by serving wide range of good quality products in cost-effective prices. And with our decades of experience in this field, we are confident in providing you the right-fit and best-suited product of your needs.

Trading Division products include:

  • Welding Products- Welding Glass, Welding Electrode MS/SS, Welding Regulators, Welding Hoses, Welding Cables, Electrode Holders, Cutting Attachments, Cutting Nozzles, Hand & Head Shield, Mig / Tig Wires
  • Lifting Equipments- Cargo Lashing belts, G. I Chains, Bow Shackles, D Shackles, Hoists, Gear Trolleys, Chain Blocks, Nylon web Slings
  • Hand Tools- Hammers, Chisels, PUNCHES, Screw Drivers, Torque Wrenches, Snip Cutter, Shear & Bolt Cutters, Threading Machines, Automotive Tools, Marble / Wood/ Concrete Cutting B lades, Combination Pliers / Nose Pliers / Side Cutting Pliers, Hole Saw Cutters/ Handsaws/ Handsaw and Blades, C Clamps & G Clamps , Files, scrappers, Brushes, Gun Nail, Gun Machine & Cartridges, Spanners/ Double Enders/ Combination/Ring, Tool Boxes, Socket Sets

  • Pneumatic Tools- Pneumatic Stapler, Pneumatic Nailer, Air sanders, Air Die Grinders, Air Drills, Air screw Drivers, Air Scalers, Air Drills, Air Grinders, Impact Wrenches, Ratchet Wrenches
  • Fasteners- EYE Bolts & Hook Bolts, Foundation Bolts & Reefing Bolts, Aluminum Rivers, Threaded Bars GI/MS/SS, Screws /Gypsum/SS/Brass/Nickel Plated, Through Bolts, Wedge Anchors, Bolts, Nuts & Washers
  • Power Tools- Hot Air Guns, Impact Wrenches, Die Grinders, Screw Drivers, Garden Tools, Rotary & Impact Drills, Jigsaws, Circular Saws, Chap saw, Angle Grinders, Sanders
  • Fabrication Workshop- Piping Fabrication, Flange Fabrication, Orifice , O-Let Fabrication, Strainer, Spool Fabrication, Shim Plate & Taper Plate, Structure fabrication, Stud bolt, etc

  • Material Handling- Electric chain Hoist, Manual / Electric Hoist, Lifting Jacks, Trolley Lifts, Rack & Pinion Jacks, Hydraulic/ Electric/Hand Stackers, Wire Rape Wrenches, Pneumatic/ Electric /Manual Chain Hoist, Pneumatic/ Electric /Manual Wrenches, Jib Crane, Overhead Crane, Hoist
  • Safety Products- Disposable Coveralls, Safety Coveralls, Reflective jackets, Safety Helmets, Gloves, Ear Plugs, Gum Boots, Safety Hammers, Chemical Respirators, Safety Goggles, Traffic Cones / Warning Lights
  • Ropes & Tapes- Clear & Brown Tapes, Duct Tapes, Aluminium Tapes, Electrical Insulation Tapes, Masking Tapes, Wire Ropes ( Steel/SS), Polythene Ropes, Construction Foam

  • Cleaning Products- PVC Mope Buckets, PVC Buckets & Rubber Buckets, Cotton Bags ( Color/ White ), Dust Bins, Chamois Leather, Hand cleaners, Floor Care Machinery, Equipments & Accessories, Brooms & Brushes (Soft & Hard )
  • Abrasives- Emery Cloth Rolls & Emery Belts, Cup Wire BRUSH & Hand Wire Brush, Grinding Discs Metal/ Stone /SS, Grinding Wheels, Mounted Wheels, Tube Cleaning Brushes, Rotary Burrs, Sanding Discs & Sanding Paper
  • Building Materials- PVC Pipes & Fitting, G. I Binding Wires, Aluminum Ladders, Mesh (Steel/Fiber /S.S) Hessain Cloth, Polythene Sheets & Tarpaulin Sheets, Nails-Steel, Wire& Finished, Artist Brush , Angle Brush, Paint Brush, Wheel Barrows & Caster Wheels, Paint Scrappers, Paint Rollers & Handles, SFSP Steel Lintels & Block Accessories, Silicon Sealants & Silicon Gun

  • Electrical- Industrial Sockets & Plugs, Tube lights & Fittings, Electrical Tape, Cable Trays, Fan: Standing, Exhaust & Sealing, Conduct pipes, PVC Cables, Bending & Pulling Spring, Bulbs, Halogen Lights & Inspection Lamps
  • Fitting / Valves- Check Foot / globe Valves, Ball /Butterfly / Gate valves, Forged Steel Fittings, PVC/ UPVC fitting, Butt weld fitting, Brass /copper fitting, Stainless steel fitting, Gaskets & flankers
  • Hoses- PVC Suction hoses, PVC delivery hoses, Twin Hoses &garden hoses, Air hoses & gas hoses, H/D HOSE Clip & jubilee clips, Water level hoses, Hydraulic hose, Acetylene & oxygen hoses
  • Chemicals- Paint, Paint Thinner, Steel Epoxy, Spray Paints, WD 40, Araldite, Developer, Penetrant & Cable Clean, Gaskets Shellac Developer Adhesives