Manpower Consultancy

Gulf Planet Contracting Establishments is a leading consulting and training firm in the area of project management, active in the marketplace. Our mission is to provide complex improvement in the level and culture of project management, as a means of across the board improvement in the prosperity and the standard of our clients, and in doing so, society as a whole. Our company is growing – not only in the number of its employees and co-workers. We pay great attention to personal and professional development – our consultants are not only constantly bettering their education, but primarily are gaining more and more experience with the practical aspects of project management under international conditions – which is the greatest added value. We have at our disposal project managers, consultants and trainers with international certification and expertise in global project management standards. Our courses and consultancies have been attended by a great number of managers and project team members from diverse organisations, institutions and firms.

Consulting – Systems Management

  • Establishing project management and project offices, set-up and optimalisation of processes, portfolio management.
  • Ensuring project quality, outside assessment and feedback.

Education and Professional Development

  • Hard skills: Planning, management, efficiency assessment, SW support, and more.
  • Soft skills: Self management, leadership & motivation, teamwork, and more.
  • Simulations: Training in realistic project simulation, intense experience and in-depth feedback.

Project Management

  • Our project manager can assume the management of your project; representation is guaranteed.
  • We make use of trusted methods and established principles of good practice, together with common sense.
  • We can form a team with your manager; after the finished project, that expertise stays inside your organisation.