Maintenance Services

Our vision is to be our clients first and main source for technical service support in desalination plants, gas & oil pipelines networks, garden & public parks. Gulf planet is now making all of its vast experience in Maintenance available to plants that were not constructed. Meeting client requirements while achieving high technical and financial plant performance are our main goals. Gulf planet provides a full portfolio of services for the maintenance of new and existing water plants. Maintenance of public parks and gardens of existing and under construction status.

Services included under maintenance

Gulf planet is highly capable of providing safe and reliable execution of all aspects of the operation and maintenance of large and small scale facilities including:

  • Engineering review and construction supervision services
  • Initial mobilization and project commissioning
  • Long term operations and maintenance
  • Staffing services
  • Technical support services including development of plant specific Standard Operating and Maintenance procedures

Desalination – RO Plant

Municipalities, power, oil & gas, mining, resorts and many other industries need clean desalinated water for a huge variety of domestic, industrial and agricultural uses. Gulf planet helps customers in these industries to solve their water challenges by listening first and then using the technological excellence.

  • Consistent quality standard
  • Industry-leading efficiency
  • Proven project management track record