Manpower recruitment agencies also evaluate the employees on the basis of their performance. Yearly assessments and appraisals are quite necessary for the beneficial growth of a business enterprise. Employees with potential are rewarded for their performance through yearly appraisals.

The functions of manpower recruitment agencies also include motivation of the employees through financial benefits and rewards. It is the duty and responsibility of the human resource department to cater to the needs and working conditions of the employees.Today most of the companies avail the services of hr consultants for selecting and hiring skilled workforce. These consulting agencies are essential for developing various programs that prove to be beneficial to a company. These programs will also include reduction in expenses incurred by the company. There are various other employee services which are catered to by the human resource department.

An effective human resource department also keeps record of various in house training programs attended by the employees. Training and education are indispensable for the developing the skills of the employees which further lead to the growth of the organisation. In other words, the development of the employees is another function of the human resource department.