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Gulf Planet Contracting Establishments is an Eminent business firm dedicated to achieving excellence in the workplace and full customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide quality and value to our customers by consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations. Gulf Planet Contracting Establisment in Saudi Arabia is one of the prominet group providing a range of Industrial support services, Contracting and Trading services to clients across Saudi. Gulf Planet group is a professional Contracting and Industrial Support Servicing company in Saudi Arabia with a good reputation, and open skill-set. We regularly deliver effective solutions that show the qualities, needs, and vision of our clients. Our goal is the success of our client’s Prosperity.

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Planning Labour Force

Every company requires an appropriate number of workforces. The staff level should neither be too high to cause loss to the company nor be too small to cause

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Recruiting workforce

One of the major responsibilities and roles of the manpower recruitment agencies include recruiting the workforce. The job description is prepared according to the

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Manpower recruitment agencies also evaluate the employees on the basis of their performance. Yearly assessments and appraisals are quite necessary for the

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Our Services

Our commitment towards our clients is to deliver projects within budget-quality and time schedule.


Construction of Mechanical,Electrical & Civil Projects.


Consultancy services to Different sectors of Industries.


Sales of different Industrial items of different brands.


Maintenance of plants and petrolium industry checkports.


Operations of plants and industrial checkports.

Equipment Rental

Rental equipments used on different industries.

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Its to Inspire, Empower and Educate

Programs and Processes that systematically hired employees, retained employees and dealt with all aspects of ​talent management evolved in the best organizations. Then, the role evolved again. Still responsible for the administrative tasks and the programs and processes related to people, the best HR professionals are now leading the charge. They are developing systems and processes within the organization that addresses the strategic needs

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The first need for choosing the best recruitment company is to know what the requirements on the manpower front of your company are. You should also know the skill sets the candidate should possess for a particular job in your company. If you put your needs in front of the global hr company they will be able to help you find the right candidate for your company

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Redug Lagre dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Minima in nostrum, veniam. Esse est assumenda inventore.Human resources staffing refers to managing the people aspect of running a business by having adequate employees on hand to perform tasks. Human resources management is often adept by an in-house team of recruitment and employment experts.

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